Solange Knowles attacks Jay-Z

The Family feud the entire internet is talking about – watch the video here.

At last weeks Met Gala in New York City we could see flashy photos of the royal couple Jay-Z, Beyoncé and sister Solange Knowles smiling on the red carpet. What we didn’t know is what went on behind closed elevator doors just moments after the gala.

According to the website TMZ the three stars went in to a hotel elevator with a bodyguard as Solange suddenly attacked her brother in law, Jay-Z, with Beyoncé standing in the background. Solange kicks and hits Jay repetately until the body guard steps in between – and even then she does not give up. Watch the full photage from the security camera here:

After the incident the Knowles sisters left in a limo as Jay-Z were to be seated in a SUV, and we’re left with large questionmarks. This story is hopefully to be continued with an answer of what went down.

Tuesday, 13. May 2014