Miranda Lambert: I need my phone

Miranda Lambert admits that she is addicted to technology.

Miranda Lambert finds it hard to put down her phone.

The country singer is currently promoting song Automatic, a nostalgic track about when life used to be simpler. Even though she misses the era before technology , Miranda admits that she finds it hard to detach herself from the gadget.

“I do have trouble putting down [my iPhone], but I’m getting better about it!” she laughed to People magazine.

“I think it’s important to take a minute and breathe: no TV, no computer, no iPhone, no iPad. You have so many gadgets today and everyone is over-stimulated all the time.”

The 31-year-old has collaborated with several stars in the past, including Carrie Underwood and Little Big Town. She has a few other singers in mind for future tracks.

“Kelly Clarkson is a friend of mine,” Miranda said.

“And I’m a huge Beyoncé fan, but I would never dare tread that water because I’d be too nervous.”

The singer is married to Blake Shelton and recently revealed that it will be a while before they start a family. For the moment, she’s happy to mother her pets.

“We have a lot of four-legged babies,” she laughed to ET Online. "Every time we think I might be thinking about it I get a puppy and I’m like, ‘No. not ready.’

“We’re so busy. It’s a whole whirlwind. We’d just like to be a little more settled.”
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Sunday, 11. May 2014