Orlando's clean lifestyle 'good for Selena'

Selena Gomez's friends apparently like her being linked to Orlando Bloom, but don't think it'll last.

Selena Gomez’s friends reportedly hope Orlando Bloom’s “clean-living Buddhist lifestyle” will be a good influence on her.

The two stars have been romantically linked of late, after they met at a youth empowerment event in Los Angeles in March.

Orlando has been single since the breakdown of his marriage to Miranda Kerr, with Selena’s on/off relationship with Justin Bieber thought to be over for good too. Pals of the singer-and-actress apparently hope this represents a new chapter for her, following her stint in rehab for personal issues at the beginning of the year.

“Everyone’s happy she’s not with Justin, and Orlando came along just at the right time. Hopefully, his clean-living Buddhist lifestyle might mean that she behaves in a more mature way and can avoid another stint in rehab,” an insider told British magazine Heat. “But no one thinks it’s for keeps – as I said, he’s a committed Buddhist and she is a committed Christian who attends Bible studies. They just don’t have enough in common long term – that and the fact she’s very young and he has a child – she’s not ready to be a stepmom yet!”

It’s thought Orlando, 37, could be a stabilising influence on the 21-year-old star, who has had a tough time of late. Her difficult relationship with Justin is thought to be one of the reasons why she sought professional help and last month she was seemingly embroiled in a feud with the Jenner sisters, Kylie and Kendall, after they got close to Justin.

The Canadian singer was once linked to Miranda, said to be another reason why Selena and Orlando have bonded.

“Selena and Orlando have been to each other’s houses in LA a couple of times for quiet, romantic dinners,” the source said. “Yes, they really like each other, but I definitely think part of the attraction is how much this’ll annoy Justin and Miranda.”
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Friday, 09. May 2014