Kelis: Everything I do is for son

Kelis believes parents offer the building blocks for how people create relationships.

Kelis has just been “struck” with the thought that everything she does will affect her son.

The 34-year-old singer has four-year-old son Knight with her ex-husband Nas, who she split from when she was pregnant. Being a mother has made her consider her own childhood and how lucky she was with her parents.

“I think about my mom and my dad, and the kind of parents that they were. They were great parents and they really nurtured [me]… I think that I am who I am because of how they loved [my three sisters and me]. How you associate every relationship in your life is from who your parents were,” she told MTV News.

“Just being aware of it – it just kind of struck me one day – everything I do is gonna be who [Knight] is and how he loves and who he falls in love with.”

Knight appears briefly on Kelis’ new record Food and she loved working with him. She is constantly surprised by the things he comes out with, especially when she has no idea where he’s picked up words of phrases. More often than not the star is forced to admit the tot is very like her.

“I realise that he does certain things, and it makes me laugh, and I’m like, ‘Who are you? Where’d you get that from?!’ And then people will see him and they’re like, ‘He’s so your child!’ [And] I’m like, well then, that’s where he gets it from — he just picks up everything,” she laughed.

Although he is only young, Knight is completely aware of what his parents do for a living. He’s been to shows and is even trying to learn guitar. Kelis will encourage him if he wants to test his musical ability more, but isn’t sure following in her footsteps would be good for him.

“I’ll also encourage him to work at whatever he’s doing. Especially now, pushing the music thing,” she told recently. “I want him to be musical because it’s great. It’s a great feeling, it’s a great gift, but I don’t know that I want him to do it for a living.”
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Wednesday, 07. May 2014