Willow Smith ‘in bed with grown man’

Hannah Montana star Moisés Arias, 20, sparked controversy after sharing a black and white image on Instagram of himself shirtless in bed with Willow Smith, 13.

Willow Smith was photographed in bed with a young man seven years her senior.

Hannah Montana star Moisés Arias, 20, shared a picture on Instagram of himself shirtless as the 13-year-old daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith laid fully clothed beside him.

The image has since been deleted, but not before causing controversy online, with several fans re-posting the picture commenting on its “perverted” nature.

It did not appear as if Willow and Moisés were physically touching in any manner.

Moisés is good friends with her older brother Jaden, 15, but according to TMZ he has been hanging out with Willow quite frequently of late.

The outlet also reported Will and Jada have not yet commented on the image at press time.

Moisés shares casual pictures of himself posing with a number of Hollywood starlets on his Instagram account, including Keeping Up with the Kardashian sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

About 18 months ago, reports emerged Hollywood superstars Will and Jada were instituting a stricter parental regimen in their household.

Apparently the screen legends were concerned they didn’t discipline Jaden and Willow enough.

“Will and Jada have done everything in their power to bring up strong, independent children, but now they feel that maybe they have given Willow and Jaden too much freedom,” a source told National Enquirer at the time.

“They’re looking at tougher, more structured schools, limiting their kids’ computer access and TV time and keeping close tabs on their friends and social activities.

“Will and Jada realise it’s hard being the children of superstars, but they’re confident they can change their kids’ behavioural problems and get them under control with a heaping of tough love.”
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Wednesday, 07. May 2014