Lance Bass ‘to marry on reality TV’

Lance Bass will tie the knot on TV in an E! Special.

Lance Bass feels “honoured” to be able to share his marriage on television.

The 35-year-old former ‘N Sync member became engaged to Michael Turchin in September last year.

Lance confirmed the televised nuptials to Gay Star News, although there is no firm date in place at this time.

“We’re filming it for an E! wedding special. It will probably air around Valentine’s Day so it has to be before Valentine’s Day I know that,” he explained. “Never in my lifetime did I think that I’d be able to get married legally. It’s just amazing how fast everything is going right now and I’m just honoured to be able to share my wedding with the world.”

The Bye Bye Bye singer revealed he was gay in 2006 in a cover story for People magazine.

For Lance, being able to broadcast the happiest day of his life is extremely important to him so it can potentially help others who may be struggling with their sexuality.

“Growing up in the South, all you think about is family and who you were going to marry. At that time, of course, I was kidding myself that I was going to marry a girl and I always dreamed of that wedding and starting a family,” he said. “As a little gay kid growing up in Mississippi, I would have loved to have turned on the television and see that happen and say, "‘Oh my gosh, there’s nothing wrong with me and I can have that.’”

Lance has been with Michael for three years, but the singer-and-actor anticipates their relationship will change once they’re married.

“I think there’s something about that that’s going to make it so real to us,” he mused. “There’s probably going to be a lot of tears.”
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Wednesday, 07. May 2014