Seth Rogen: Romance advice is boring

Seth Rogen gets bored when his friends moan about their romances to him.

Seth Rogen tells his friends to dump their partners or stop talking about relationship problems.

The 32-year-old actor is happily married to Lauren Miller, who he’s been with since 2004. That doesn’t mean all his pals are as settled though, with Seth probably not the person to go to if they want romance advice.

“I have friends who are bad with women – it’s not that they can’t get women, it’s that they enter relationships with the wrong woman over and over again. I’m sure women say the same about their female friends and men!” he laughed to British Cosmopolitan magazine. “I give them a few moments of advice, then I say, ‘Either end this relationship or never talk to me about it again because I don’t care anymore.’ It gets boring.”

Seth and Lauren may have been together for a decade but he doesn’t take their relationship for granted. He tries to show how much he cares, in his own unique way.

“At times. I’m sure my wife would think I could be more so, but I try, I try to get flowers and take her for dinner,” he said, when asked if he’s romantic. “And I cook for my woman. I barbecue stuff – barbecued chicken. Is that sexy? I hope so: it’s one of my only moves.”

In his latest movie Bad Neighbours, Seth portrays a new father who struggles to live next to a frat house. It’s a humorous take on something he’s seen a lot, which is people having problems as they try to adapt to parenthood.

“I’ve seen friends with kids have a hard time accepting that everything really has changed in their lives, so they try to grasp on to the stuff they used to do,” he explained. “That’s what my character and Rose [Byrne’s] are going though in Bad Neighbours. Women deal with it more because, if they are pregnant and breast feeding, they can’t drink and smoke weed. I’ve had conversations with women who are like, ‘F**k, I wish I could smoke a joint.’ Meanwhile, the men just do.”
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Sunday, 04. May 2014