Zac Efron: We did NoChella

Zac Efron downloaded music instead of attending the annual Coachella music festival.

Zac Efron decided to host a ‘NoChella’ event to protect his sobriety.

The former High School Musical hunk has opened up about his sober lifestyle in an interview to promote his new movie, Bad Neighbours. While his fellow Hollywood stars were partying at the annual Coachella music festival in California last month, the 26-year-old avoided temptation in a unique way.

“Coachella and stuff was going on before the press tour, so we did ‘NoChella’,” Zac told USA Today.

“We just downloaded all the music on Spotify that was going to be at Coachella.

“My buddy and I got a Jeep, filled it with camping gear and just drove across the country on Route 66. And just blasted music on the speakers."

The actor is also slamming claims that he has fallen off the wagon.

Zac admits going to rehab last year but denies reports which quote “friends” who say he has returned to his partying ways. He is thought to have sought help twice for an alleged drugs problem.

“[M]aybe there are some people who are not my friends anymore, probably?” he said.

“That’s my only way to extrapolate from that, because my parents are stoked. All my roommates are stoked. The people I work with, the people I really care about are so much happier. And I feel so much better. So whoever my ‘friends’ are who are ‘really worried’, I’m sorry.”

Distancing himself from so-called pals is not the only step that Zac has made to rearrange his life. He has also swapped his Hollywood Hills home for a place in Los Feliz, which he shares with his 22-year-old brother Dylan.

“My other house was all windows…people would just walk up to the house…and bang on the glass,” he explained. “So I decided it was something I didn’t want to have to worry about anymore.”
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Thursday, 01. May 2014