Lea Michele’s make-up disaster

Lea Michele was left mortified after a make-up trick went wrong.

Lea Michele’s Sex and the City beauty trick was a complete disaster.

The Glee actress has written a new lifestyle guidebook that gives her readers fashion tips, skincare rituals, fitness routines and her favourite recipes. Inside the book, the 27-year-old beauty recalls a time when a make-up tip she borrowed from Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City went horribly wrong.

“Hilariously, I thought I had picked up a great concealing trick from Sex and the City, when Carrie uses black eyeliner to turn a zit into a beauty mark,” Lea writes in her book Brunette Ambition. “Brilliant, except my skin was so bad I needed about 16 beauty marks.”

Even though she went out that night thinking she looked just fine, Lea’s friends were puzzled by her new look. The Hollywood actress was left mortified after her embarrassing mishap.

“I went out with girlfriends with black dots all over my face thinking I had the world fooled,” she writes. “They took one look at me and asked, ‘What did you do to your face?’”

Lea’s make-up disaster hasn’t stopped her from sharing her best-kept secrets with her fans. The book is part memoir, part how-to and a style guide that will describe her journey to Hollywood along with her most embarrassing moments on the set of TV show Glee.

The actress penned the tome to help share the same “foolproof system for remaining healthy and centred” she has used for years.

“There wasn’t a guidebook when I was growing up, that detailed everything I would need to do, and know, to get where I am today,” Lea said.
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Wednesday, 30. April 2014