3OH!3 praise 'fresh' Kesha

3OH!3 found working with Katy Perry and Kesha “f**king awesome”.

3OH!3 have compared Kesha to a “bar of soap”.

The pop duo have had some massive hits, including Katy Perry collaboration Starstrukk and My First Kiss, which features 27-year-old Kesha. Bandmembers Nathaniel Motte and Sean Foreman enjoyed working with the famous ladies.

“Kesha was like working with a fresh bar of Irish spring soap,” they joked to mstarz.com.

“You know what, working with both of those girls was f**king awesome. It was cool with both of those girls because they were friendships that developed into working relationships. We knew them both before. We toured with Katy Perry at the [Vans] Warped Tour in the States. It was great.”

Katy Perry, 29, and 3OH!3 hit the top 5 of charts around the world with their catchy track. The boys joked that they became a little too enamoured with the gorgeous singer.

“Yes. She won’t return my calls,” they laughed when asked if they keep in touch with Katy. “I have a restraining order where I have to stay outside of 200 yards from her.”

The band have been keeping relatively quiet since they released their fourth album Omens in June last year. However, they already have their eye on some future collaborations.

“Meatloaf. The loaf of meat. I don’t know where he is; if you know where he is, you tell me! Labrinth, too,” they listed.
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Wednesday, 30. April 2014