Kelis: Pregnancy can enhance music

Kelis thinks pregnant musicians are “full of life”.

Kelis thinks artists make better music when pregnant.

The singer released her latest record Food earlier this month, which has become her second-highest peaking album since 2003’s Tasty. She has four-year-old son Knight with her ex-husband, rapper Nas, and thinks being a mom has changed the way she approaches her music.

“I feel like with a lot of women who were pregnant, it’s usually my favourite album of theirs, which I don’t realise until after… I mean, you’re literally full of life,” she mused to

“I’m generally comfortable in my own skin and I really do love being a mother. I think it comes across in the writing because you can’t really ignore it, you know?”

Her album Tasty spawned some huge hits for the 34-year-old, such as Milkshake and Trick Me. Despite changing a lot since then, some things have remained constant.

“My writing process is always the same. I want to write songs that obviously speak to who I am,” she revealed. “Hopefully people can somehow relate to [them].”

Part of her musical evolution is down to indie producer Dave Sitek, who worked with her on Food. It was their compatibility that immediately spoke to Kelis.

“When we first met, I felt like he saw himself in the music the way I see myself in music. I appreciated that about him,” she gushed. “I felt like we spoke the same language. He loves to cook; he loves to eat good food. We recorded in his house, too. We would write a little, cook a little, listen, write some more, cook some more. It was the way that it should be. Everything just came very naturally.”

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Tuesday, 29. April 2014