Ashley Roberts’ Russell Brand fantasy

Ashley Roberts thinks she and Russell Brand would “make fun shapes” together.

Ashley Roberts feels like she’s on a “spiritual plane” with Russell Brand.

The gorgeous singer-and-dancer is currently believed to be single and is on the lookout for a suitable partner. She’s got her eye on the British comedian, who is currently in a relationship with Jemima Khan.

“I feel like Russell Brand and I are on the same spiritual plane, we could jump on a lily pad and make fun shapes!” she answered UK magazine Star when asked about her weird celebrity crush. “Yeah, I just said that… Or, Michael Cera. He’s a nerdy dude. I think he’s awesome.”

In the past, the 32-year-old has been linked to eligible bachelors, including Brit presenter Declan Donnelly, Prince Harry and Welsh TV personality Matt Johnson. When asked who she would kiss, marry or avoid out of the three, Ashley had a quick answer.

“I’m going to say I want a ménage à trois with all of them, because then I get all the goods!” she laughed. “A little bit of loving from each of them!”

The pretty blonde might always look graceful and elegant on the red carpet, but she also has a clumsy side. Ashley had no problem admitting to her most cringe-worthy moments.

“I’ve done some stupid stuff,” she sighed. “I feel on my face on stage! I put my shirts on inside out. I’m a total dork. I’m constantly embarrassing myself.”

Ashley is gearing up to release her single Clockwork in May and a debut solo album will follow.
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Tuesday, 29. April 2014