Harry Styles: Love is 'important'

Harry Styles has spoken of the “importance” of taking love seriously.

Harry Styles doesn’t think people should ever give up on love.

One Direction’s latest song is a ballad called You and I, with the black and white promo showing Harry and his bandmates looking mean and moody. The singer believes it fits the tone of the track perfectly, because love is something to be taken seriously.

“If you believe in something then you shouldn’t give up on it. I think that’s important,” he told UK breakfast show Good Morning Britain.

“You and I is a love song. It’s saying that you’re inseparable and nothing can get in the way of you and your love.”

Zayn Malik was just as glowing about the track. He is engaged to Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards and seemingly gave an insight into their romance when he explained that people shouldn’t listen to others’ opinions on their relationship.

“There is some nice dramatic lyrics in there as well. ‘Not even the gods above, can separate the two of us,’ is a big statement. But it’s about not really caring what anyone else thinks about your relationship because you’ve got it sussed and sorted yourself,” he said.

“It’s a romantic song for all those candle lit dinners.”

The video was shot in the UK and sees Harry, Zayn, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson walking down a pier. At various points the each morph into each other, with Liam reassuring fans it was easier to shoot than it looks.

“It’s not difficult for us, for us it’s just walking. I can do that most days,” he said.

Wherever they travel the fivesome are followed by their faithful fans. Niall admitted to being astounded by how many roads have been shut down due to the amount of One Direction enthusiasts who have turned out to see the group, with Harry also in awe of their admirers.

“We’re incredibly lucky to have the fans that we have. They’re outrageous, they’re amazing,” he gushed.
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Monday, 28. April 2014