Aaron Taylor-Johnson enjoys 'raw' films

Aaron Taylor-Johnson prefers it when sci-fi movies are given a realistic edge.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson likes films with a “raw, natural vibe”.

The 23-year-old actor stars as Ford Brody in this year’s remake of classic sci-fi film Godzilla. Despite the fantasy storyline, director Gareth Edwards worked hard to make the movie realistic, which Aaron appreciates.

“It’s good to use real people, because you want that raw, natural vibe,” he explained to Total Film. “Gareth’s great at doing that. He did it in Monsters, you know? I asked him how he got those performances. He asked people a bunch of different questions and filmed it. So you’d have Scoot [McNairy, Monsters star] asking them about aliens but really they were talking about where the nearest McDonald’s was.”

Aaron has worked on a selection of movies, including the Kick-Ass franchise and Nowhere Boy. He enjoyed the experience of appearing in such a huge blockbuster.

“There’s not been a lot of green screen. They’ll smash up the f**king buildings instead of doing it in a studio,” he marvelled. “You feel it a lot more.”

Aaron met his wife Sam Taylor-Wood, 47, when she directed him in 2009’s Nowhere Boy. They married in 2012 and have daughters Wylda, three, and Romy, two, together. Before settling down with Sam, the star was a bit of a party boy.

“It was a lot of crazy sh*t I got up to for a couple years,” he previously admitted. "I was pretty self-destructive at one point.

“I used to smoke 30 [cigarettes] a day, used to f**king drink nonstop. I’ve always been able to be on the f**king edge – be on the line, but then pull myself back.”
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Sunday, 27. April 2014