Kinney ‘Gaga inspires me’

Taylor Kinney praises girlfriend Lady Gaga for her loyalty and constant support.

Taylor Kinney is massively inspired by girlfriend Lady Gaga.

The Other Woman actor has been dating Gaga for more than two years. After Gaga posted a romantic picture of the couple kissing earlier this week, the 32-year-old couldn’t help but gush about her at the New York premiere of his latest film.

“You know, I love what she does and her work and music and charity. She inspires so many people including myself,” he told US Weekly. “It’s someone who’s always in your corner, that believes in you and your work, and vice versa.”

The couple have only recently started speaking about their feelings for each other in public. After supporting the Applause singer at her show at Roseland Ballroom in New York City earlier this month, Taylor was overheard saying he inspires the 28-year-old as much as she motivates him.

“I am the fire that stokes her imagination, and I’m happy to be that. We are all the fire that stoke her," New York Post quoted him as saying.

The couple’s relationship is going from strength to strength, but Taylor would not be drawn when asked by US Weekly if wedding bells and settling down with the New York native was on the horizon.

“Not that I’ll talk about,” he replied coyly.

For her part, Gaga has expressed how much she loves her boyfriend in public recently too. During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres show, she revealed she wasn’t the only quirky character in their partnership.

“He is extremely strange, actually, and we complement each other’s weirdness,” she told the host happily.
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Saturday, 26. April 2014