Lovato’s late night

Demi Lovato shared a barefaced selfie after staying up until 4 a.m. listening to fans outside her hotel.

Demi Lovato slept all day after staying up most of the night listening to fans outside her hotel.

The 21-year-old pop star is on the South American leg of her Neon Lights tour, and dozens of fans in Brazil gave her a raucous welcome in São Paulo Tuesday night.

The star stayed up until the early hours of Wednesday morning, and sent her nearly 22 million Twitter followers an update on Tuesday, sharing a bare-faced selfie.

“I woke up like dis………. at 4 pm,” she mused.

Just hours earlier Demi was pleading with fans to be careful as they gathered in the street below her hotel.

“I can’t sleep cause it’s 4am & my Lovatics are chanting my name… So I look out at THISGET OUT OF THE STREET!!” she wrote.

Demi shared a snap of her fans making a heart shape with their bodies on the roadway below.

While she appreciated the gesture, the star admitted she feared for their safety and had to get some shuteye.

“I love you guys but OH MY GOD!!!! PLEASE DON’T!!! That’s so dangerous!!! I love you… Now I need/have to/gonna sleep.. Nite nite,” she tweeted.

It wasn’t the first time fans had gathered in multitudes outside of Demi’s hotel.

She previously said their chants had given her the best wake-up call.

“My alarm clock this morning was the sounds of my Brazilian Lovatics from outside my hotel.. I instantly woke up with a smile on my face,” she tweeted.

Demi, who played in São Paulo on Tuesday, will play two additional dates in the city, on Thursday and Friday nights.

She’s scheduled to continue touring through Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Ecuador, before jetting to North America and finally England, with the shows scheduled to wrap in London on June 1.
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Wednesday, 23. April 2014