Iggy Azalea: Fans intrude my body

Iggy Azalea has opened up about the inappropriate behaviour of her fans at gigs.

Iggy Azalea feels “violated” by fans when she jumps into crowds at gigs.

The 23-year-old rapper is known for getting up close with audiences during her shows. However, Iggy admits the experience is no longer the same due to the inappropriate behaviour of those watching her perform.

“I had to stop [crowd surfing]. I’m only doing like 2000-seaters, but I still have to have barriers even if it’s like 200 people,” she sighed to New York City radio station Hot 97.

Iggy admitted she has even had to up the number of layers she wears in order to feel comfortable. She is known for her elaborate outfits when in the public eye, mainly seen in leotards and tights.

“I wear, no lie, two pairs of underpants and then a pair of skin-coloured tights and then my pants as like a protection barrier, because there’s just no way I’m going to be intruded,” Iggy insisted.

She also feels wary ahead of gigs because of fans’ suggestive comments via social media.

“I will get lurk tweets for like a week before my show. That’s a violation. I don’t actually like that stuff. They think I’m real sl*tty,” she noted.

The blonde musician continued to reveal which gender are the worst culprits. Iggy puts their behaviour down to trying to gain a reputation.

“Girls will try to do it more than guys ‘cause girls think it’s cool,” the star added.

Iggy recently spoke about how down-to-earth she is. The Australian beauty explained how she considers herself just as normal as everyone else out there, even those who aren’t famous.

“I mean, I think it doesn’t really matter what your job is. Everybody has the same sh*t in their lives,” she revealed in an interview with the Michigan Chronicle newspaper. “You have a c**ppy day at work? I have a c**ppy day at work. You’re excited about something in your life… a birthday or your friend having a baby? I’m excited too.”
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Wednesday, 23. April 2014