Martin Garrix Photo diary from Coachella

  • 1. Just landed in LA! Time to drive off to the desert with my management. Cannot wait for Coachella!

  • 2. Words cannot describe my first performance at Coachella. Everything came together perfectly, from the lights, to the music and the entire atmosphere, this is an event I'll remember all my life.

  • 3. Press day! Hanging at the Vevo house doing interviews before heading to the festival.

  • 4. Hanging with two legends, David Guetta and Alesso. Was incredible watching Alesso perform. Glad I got to see his set and hang with him and David!

  • 5. Back to LA. Tour life has it's perks but often times you're eating alone. I wouldn't trade this for the world.

  • 6. My very first Sedar at Scooter Braun's house. Great night with some really inspiring people, life is good!

  • 7. Hanging in the studio with the extremely talented David Guetta. Now I'm off to Guatemala before back to the desert for round two!

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    Mr Garrix picked up his camera and sent us cards from his trip to Coachella

    One picture says more than a thousand words, and the Coachella-festival held in the American desert is pretty photogenic. So during his stay, Martin Garrix took the opportunity to make a photo diary only for MTV!

    Check it-check it-check it-check it out!

    Friday, 18. April 2014