Iggy Azalea: I didn't consider fame

Iggy Azalea is "pleasantly surprised" at people's positive reactions to her music.

Iggy Azalea never expected to be as famous as Katy Perry.

The 23-year-old musician has shot to stardom with her debut album The New Classic. Iggy pursued her passion for rapping when she moved to America from Australia aged just 16 and never thought she’d become so big.

“I don’t know if I expect anything. I think other people expect things and I think to myself, ‘Hey look, I do female rap.’ That’s what I am, I’m a female rapper. That’s always a weird situation, you never know how it’s going to be. It’s not the most popular kind of thing in the world. I never really expected [my career choice] to turn me into Katy Perry-level fame, because I know it’s not that popular with people. I think I’m pleasantly surprised that people seem to be interested. That’s always good,” Iggy laughed to radio.com.

“I guess it’s what I expected, but I don’t expect too much. Not that I would ever settle for average, I always try the hardest I could try and hope I could achieve good things but at the same time if I don’t, or when I don’t, I think, ‘Well, you know – it is what it is.’ I do make rap music, it’s not exactly the biggest seller. But you still hope.”

Iggy goes all out with the music videos to accompany her songs, with the latest for the single Fancy based on the hit movie Clueless. It was growing up being engrossed in the industry which has inspired to her to put on elaborate performances.

“It’s escapism to me. I’m from the country and music videos and film, those were my escape to sparking my imagination. I didn’t get to see really well dressed women in the street or expensive cars or people walking into a restaurant. I only got to see them in films or music videos,” she recalled.

“When I think about somebody watching my video, I want to give them some escapism. I want to give them something they can imagine [and wonder], ‘How much of this is her real life and how much is for show?’ That’s what I always loved thinking about when I was a kid so I wanted to replicate what I thought made a music video great.”
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Thursday, 17. April 2014