LiLo ‘not ready to admit relapse’

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly reluctant to speak to friends when she suffers a narcotics relapse.

Lindsay Lohan supposedly “doesn’t come clean” to loved ones very easily.

Rumours emerged the troubled 29-year-old actress was spotted drinking vodka at Coachella last weekend.

In 2013 Lindsay completed a court-ordered rehab stint, and apparently friends are dismayed about her lack of authenticity around relapse issues.

“Lindsay’s friend and family have been HOPING that she would stay sober, but they’ve been down this path before with her,” a source told Radar Online.

“She swears that she’s going to do the right thing and stay sober, then she doesn’t and she apologises when people find out. But she doesn’t come clean to people close to her very easily.”

It is claimed when issues of sobriety enter the conversation, Lindsay quickly changes the subject.

“Lindsay is only talking about going to the gym and working out. And going on The View,” the insider revealed.

“Those close to Lindsay have learned not to accuse her of drinking or doing anything other than staying sober.”

But apparently the star’s loved ones are equally guilty of withholding their true feelings on the matter, as it’s been claimed no one is comfortable talking to her directly.

During an episode of her self-titled OWN Network reality show, Lindsay’s life coach A.J. Johnson was one of the few people who took a stand for her sobriety.

“It was so blatant on the show that she was drinking but no one would talk about it,” the source said.

“Michael [her sober coach] wouldn’t say it, Matt [her assistant] wouldn’t say it, only A.J. would.”

Lindsay’s mother Dina Lohan pled guilty Tuesday to charges of driving while intoxicated.

According to TMZ, the Mean Girls star’s mum must complete 100 hours of community service, attend mandatory programmes on drinking and driving, as well as special seminars, and pay any outstanding fines.
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Thursday, 17. April 2014