Gaga packing panties for tour

Lady Gaga is "really excited" about the see-through stage during her artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball tour.

Lady Gaga has joked she has more “panties than clothes” for her upcoming tour.

The 28-year-old singer is currently preparing to get her artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball tour on the road. As part of the production, Gaga has a see-through stage. To ensure her modesty is protected, she’s bringing plenty of undergarments on her journey.

“I’m really excited for a big, huge, clear stage. Yes, I do have panties, yes. I have more panties than clothes probably,” she laughed to DJ Scott Mills on BBC Radio 1.

“Yeah, it’s like a big party, so sort of like, the stage is these huge panels [that] really engulf the whole audience to the centre of the arena. But they also have space underneath them for you to walk, so you can look up underneath the stage at the dancers and me. There’s a VIP area for special fans who’ve got tickets to sit inside the stage and have their own bar. It’s all really fun and it’s a big art rave.”

Gaga recently unveiled her latest music video for her track G.U.Y. The nearly 12-minute long clip features stars of the show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and is filmed at the National US and California Historical Landmark, Hearst Castle. When asked what made her get the reality stars involved, Gaga revealed the idea represents her music and lifestyle perfectly.

“Well we were creating this video that’s about the way that I see my life in the past year and the sort of pop culture explosion of the journey of the album. So in the video we’ve put three songs together: Artpop, Venus and G.U.Y.,” she explained.

“And what happens in the video is: [I begin as a] fallen angel from the sky and I’m walking up the side of the hillside to the Hearst Castle to find some help and some solace, and then when I get there I’m sort of baptised and brought back to reality by reality TV. So the whole video is really about perception of the way that everybody sees things in different ways and what is running our life right now.”
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Wednesday, 16. April 2014