Slash slams music videos

Slash doesn't enjoy making music videos, even though he knows they're a vital aspect of the music industry.

Slash thinks music videos are a “necessary evil”.

The legendary Guns N’ Roses guitarist made some of the most celebrated music in rock when he was with the band, but the practice of making videos to accompany their songs was not something he enjoyed.

To get through the shoots Slash, as well as the rest of the band including frontman Axl Rose, would fill up on alcohol.

“As was always the case when we shot a video, there was a lot of drink involved, and basically just trying to get it over with. The thing is, videos are a necessary evil. I like to watch them when they’re done right, I just hate the process. It’s very boring,” he admitted to Britain’s Kerrang! magazine.

Reminiscing on some of the band’s biggest videos, the 48-year-old star singled out Paradise City and Live and Let Die as his two favourites.

For the 1987 hit Welcome to the Jungle Slash tried to enjoy himself with drink, but the process was a long and tiring one.

“Well I remember looking to have a good time within the confines of the schedule – and drinking a lot! All the live performance was done for real in front of a crowd at a show, and we played Welcome To The Jungle three times,” he remembered.

For Sweet Child O’ Mine, one of the band’s most popular tracks, Slash found himself in a foul mood.

“We did that video in a big room high up in some building – and I have no idea how this location was found, and being that it was just a room, we really could have done it anywhere!,” he added. “The main thing I remember about that was all the girlfriends were with us, and I was in a really bad mood. I was genuinely grumpy and wanted to get it over with! Yeah, I hate making videos.”
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Wednesday, 16. April 2014