Ice Cube’s ‘LA flavour’

Ice Cube has gushed about the thousands of amazing things to do in his hometown of Los Angeles.

Ice Cube thinks everyone should be exposed to “the flavour of LA”.

The 44-year-old entertainer famously represented South Central Los Angeles in his ground-breaking rap group N.W.A., and his 1995 cult classic film Friday also depicts life on City of Angels streets.

Ice Cube believes any person who visits the Californian city will have an amazing time.

“If they want to hang out, they’re gonna like Venice Beach or Santa Monica pier. Those are the greatest spots for any tourists if they want the flavour of LA,” he advised during an interview with Collider.

“Definitely take it Downtown, Downtown’s got a lot of cool spots, with the Staples Center right there but in Century City, Hollywood, Westwood, there’s a thousand places to go in LA and find something to do. We have Dodger games, we have Lakers games, Kings games, just have fun.”

Ice Cube’s cop film Ride Along with Kevin Hart was a box-office hit, as it garnered $100 million from theatre ticket sales.

The rapper had high hopes for the movie, but Ice, real name O’Shea Jackson, confesses he was completely shocked by how well it did with audiences.

“We were just blown away by the first weekend, having that number. A number in the forties when predictions were high twenties for some people. That number right there is the number that really kind of had me on cloud nine the most,” he shared of his reaction to Ride Along’s high revenue.
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Wednesday, 16. April 2014