Jamie Foxx’s ‘gangster’ connection

Jamie Foxx once ran to a man “like a little girl” when he was having problems with a rowdy comedy crowd.

Jamie Foxx regrets acting like “a little girl” to a “gangster” early in his career, as he ended up owing him.

The 46-year-old actor-and-comedian began his rise to stardom doing stand-up shows in Los Angeles. Although the job was largely fun he can vividly remember one evening when a guy started mocking him.

“This dude who was somewhat of a gangster said, ‘Hey, Foxx is someone messing with you?’ and I said, ‘As a matter of fact they are, there’s the guy right there,’” he recalled to British newspaper The Sun.

“He’s like, ‘Point him out, Foxx,’ and I said, ‘He’s right there.’ I was like a little girl and they sorted him out. But then I owed him. So every time I went to the city it was, ‘We are going into the club with you, right?’ and I’m looking at 15 guys.”

Eventually the time when Jamie couldn’t help the men came, with the star recalled he had to “negotiate” the fallout. He didn’t go into what that entailed.

Things have changed dramatically for the Hollywood star since then, thanks to a run in top-rated movies such as Django Unchained and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. He plays villain Electro in the latest instalment of the superhero franchise and joked about how excited his four-year-old daughter Annalise is to see him in the release.

“My daughter is like, ‘Spider-Man is going to whoop your butt, right? Spider-Man gets to kick your butt?’ And I am like, ‘Yeah, he gets to kick my butt a little bit,’” he laughed.

“Last birthday she had a huge Spider-Man jumper and we didn’t even know I’d be doing Spider-Man.”

Jamie also has 20-year-old daughter Corinne, but has never discussed his kids’ mothers in public.

At times the star has to pinch himself when he realises how far he has come. He doesn’t take anything for granted, admitting it is easy to get sucked into the A-list ideal when you are starting out.

“You want to be Beverly Hills, you want to be fly, so you get your pool on when people come round, so it’s 80 degrees – ‘Check the pool, check the Jacuzzi, it’s 104,’” he said.

“But when you get that bill… next time they come over to my house it’s freezing, ice-cold. That thing is like two grand a month.”
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Wednesday, 16. April 2014