JWoww: My foetus has brain cysts

Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley revealed she was terrified by the discovery of a malady her unborn child suffers.

Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley was horrified to learn her unborn child has a brain cyst.

The former Jersey Shore star and her fiancé Roger Mathews are currently expecting their first baby together.

And in a blog post, JWoww revealed she felt pure terror by what her OB/GYN discovered during an ultrasound screening.

“Your daughter seems to have a small cyst on her brain… I see this every so often,” the reality star recalled her doctor saying during the shocking visit.

Jenni later wrote she broke down in tears after initially feeling numb about the news.

But when she and Roger visited another specialist on the matter, they were happy to learn the medical issue isn’t uncommon.

“They tell me this happens to about 1-2 percent of pregnancies. It’s called Choroid Plexus Cyst and over time, the cyst should go away,” JWoww wrote. “Honestly I was happy but still my heart felt heavy. And even though I know I did nothing to cause it, I felt guilty and so helpless. Such a horrible feeling.”

The second medical specialist also revealed even more bad news for the couple.

Due to the position of JWoww’s placenta, it appears she and Roger can’t make love for a while.

“[The doctor] says, /it looks like you have low-lying placenta and we need to be cautious until the next visit, so no bleeding occurs,’” JWoww revealed. “Okay?! What do you mean by cautious… ‘Well, no sex,’ he says.

“I literally burst out laughing hysterically. Roger swears I paid him to say [that].”

Her reality co-star Snooki is also pregnant right now, but only one of the ladies are enjoying their current physical state.

“She loves being pregnant right now and I f**king hate it,” JWoww told Us Weekly.

JWoww is due to give birth this summer.
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Tuesday, 15. April 2014