Michael Cera: I fear cops

Michael Cera is afraid of the police, but insists he's not much of a lawbreaker.

Michael Cera is petrified by the police.

While the actor doesn’t stray too far from his on on-screen clean cut image in real life, he does still feel a flutter of fright if he’s ever pulled over by cops. Stressing that he’s not a hardened criminal, the 25-year-old actor admitted he has broken the speeding limit in the past while driving, leading to run ins with the law.

“Police scare me,” Michael admitted to British newspaper Metro. “I’m not a massive law breaker or anything, I’ve just been pulled over for speeding, but you can be the best behaved person in the world and still, if you get pulled over, you feel like a kid instantly. I heard Alfred Hitchcock was afraid of the police.”

Since his break out movie role as the lovable Evan in 2007’s Superbad, Michael has become one of the busiest actors in Hollywood. Currently starring as Brink in Magic Magic, Michael’s latest role is much darker than his fans are used to seeing.

“I liked that he was such an extreme character. It’s great if it plays on people’s perception of me as a nice guy,” he mused.

The dark thriller tells the story of a naive young tourist’ s road trip across Chile with friends which soon turns into a real life nightmare.

Michael’s worst road trip would be with someone he didn’t know very well, but he was hard pressed to come up with an answer as to why he would be a bad travel companion.

“I pick my nails, although I don’t think that’s too bad. I don’t smoke or anything. I sometimes find people too chatty. Which I guess could actually be annoying to them,” he said.

The film also sees Michael team up with British actress Juno Temple, whom he first worked with in 2009’s Year One.

“It was great seeing her and hearing that British sense of humour from her. We had a blast on location for two months, sitting by the fire at night, playing stupid games, singing stupid songs and drinking hot toddies,” he smiled.
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Monday, 14. April 2014