Movie Awards ’14: Top 10 Best Dressed

    These are the best looks from the red carpet of the ‘MTV Movie Awards’!

    Hollywood hasn’t seen this much glitz and glamour since the Academy Awards. On Sunday night the best films and actors were once again awarded the golden popcorn at the ‘MTV Movie Awards’.

    While there is no Best Outfit Award, a good look at the dresses and outfits on the red carpet strongly suggests that such an award should definitely be introduced next year. In contrast to most other award ceremonies, the style at the ‘MTV Movie Awards’ is a lot more relaxed and modern. This means you don’t just see stars in the most expensive evening gowns, but you can equally gaze at short dresses that would go down well for a night of clubbing. The male celebrities, like Seth Rogen, were happy to swap their tuxedos for a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

    So we kept an eye out for the stars who were particularly hot on the red carpet.

    Monday, 14. April 2014