MTV Movie Awards 2014: The Winners

Who took home the golden popcorn?

Breakthrough performance (winner announced on the red carpet):
Will Poulter – We’re the Millers

*Movie of the year: *
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

*Favourite character: *
Tris – Divergent (accepted by Shailene Woodley)

*Best male performance: *
Josh Hutcherson – The Hunger Games Catching Fire

*Best female performance: *
Jennifer Lawrence – The Hunger Games Catching Fire

Best villain:
Mila Kunis – Oz the Great and Powerful

*Best shirtless performance: *
Zac Efron – That Awkward Moment

*Best WTF moment: *
Leonardo DiCaprio – The Wolf of Wall Street

*Best on screen duo: *
Vin Diesel & Paul Walker – Fast and Furious 6

*Best fight: *
Orlando Bloom – Hobbit The Disolation of Smaug

*Best kiss: *
Will Poulter, Jennifer Aniston and Emma Roberts – We’re the Millers

*Best musical moment: *
Backstreet Boys, Jay Baruchel, Seth Rogen and Craig Robinson – This is the End

*Best comedic performance: *
Jonah Hill – The Wolf of Wall Street

*Best on-screen transformation: *
Jared Leto – Dallas Buyers Club

*Best cameo: *
Rihanna – This is the end

*Best hero: *
Henry Cavill – White House Down

*Best scared as shit performance: *
Brad Pitt – World War Z

*MTV Trailblazer Award: *
Channing Tatum

*MTV Generation Award: *
Mark Wahlberg

Monday, 14. April 2014