Mia Wasikowska: I’m a loner

Mia Wasikowska thinks celebrities revert to their "high-school" personalities at industry events.

Mia Wasikowska fits the “loner” stereotype.

The 24-year-old actress has appeared in flicks such as Stoker and Only Lovers Left Alive, but still manages to keep a low profile. She finds big industry events hard to cope with and recalled the most surreal party she’s been to.

“The Met Ball in New York is the big party, although I find it so overwhelming – everybody reverts back to their high-school stereotypes, so there’s the bad girls in the toilet cubicles, smoking,” she smiled to the latest edition of British magazine ELLE.

“[I’d be] the loner, I guess! I do find it fascinating, though. It’s very far from what I would call normality.”

The Australian star is rumoured to be dating The Social Network’s Jesse Eisenberg. He’s known for his quiet demeanour and Mia thinks he would also be referred to as a ‘loner’.

“I guess so, yeah,” she mused. “I don’t think it’s too unusual. This is such an overwhelming industry. People from all walks of life are, through movies, put on a pedestal and thrust into a world that isn’t necessarily their own. It’s very bizarre.”

Mia and Jesse star together in black comedy The Double. While Mia takes on the role of girl-next-door Hannah, Jesse’s character struggles with a dual personality as a shy office worker with an outgoing alter-ego. The star can relate to the struggle.

“I think everybody experiences that internal fight,” she admitted. “We’re all walking a fine line between being polite and direct every single day.”
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Sunday, 13. April 2014