Jerry Springer: I want to giggle at guests

Jerry Springer has to turn guests away that are too normal, and finds it hard not to laugh at work.

Jerry Springer finds it hard to keep a straight face at work.

The American chat show king is well known or the strange guests that have appeared on his shows, with altercations between those featured a regular occurrence.

Over the years stories featured have included a man who married his horse, people who cut off their own body parts and even men who wanted to marry their moms, which has resulted in a varied television career for Jerry.

“Every day when I go in,” Jerry smile when British magazine Now asked if he found it hard to keep serious. "I know I’ll be handed a really silly story. I can’t complain – it’s my job.

“Under contract, we actually have to turn stories that are too normal away. Our guests have to be outside of the ‘social norm’ or unacceptable. Our stories have to be inappropriate. I’m not joking – if a story is at all heartwarming or uplifting, we send them to another chat show.”

When Jerry began his career it was a far cry from the bizarre and weird stories that he soon became synonymous with. The 70-year-old TV personality started his working life in politics, saving as Mayor of Cincinnati in 1977. Jerry still thinks of this time fondly.

“[Mayor of Cincinnati] was the best job I’ve ever had. But early on I decided that I didn’t want politics to be how I made a living – if you have to get elected to put food on the table, I think you start compromising your position because you can’t afford to lose the next election,” he explained. "I wanted my politics to be pure. So if there was an alternative life where I didn’t have to make money, I’d have been a politician. "
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Sunday, 13. April 2014