Damon Albarn: I worry for humanity

Damon Albarn can't make up his mind about what he expects to happen to the world in the future.

Damon Albarn fears the absolute isolation of the human spirit.

The former Blur frontman has once again been taking the music world by storm with his first solo effort. His debut album Everyday Robots is released later this month, and has got the singer thinking about his future. Describing the record as an observation of the 21st century, Damon fears for what might come.

“You know, sort of… Absolute isolation of the human spirit,” Damon told British magazine NME asked what he feared in the future. “But also, it poses a question in a way. It’s like the end of [my song] Hollow Ponds, it gets quite euphoric, the last bit after the French horn. It goes up an octave, my voice, and I end on ’The dreams that we all share on LCDs every moment now and every day.’”

Damon has never shied away from him past and was a regular drug user during his ‘90s Britpop heyday with Blur.

Although he admits that he still indulges in recreational drugs occasionally, since turning 46 last month Damon has realised his own mortality more.

Further emphasising on his fears for humankind, Damon can’t make up his mind when it comes to what may happen with the world’s inhabitants.

“It’s like are we in a period of such insane transition that we can’t see anything really? Are we blind? Or is it a period of enlightenment? Will we end up being a kind of universal brain… we’re all thinking together, all acting as one thing? Or is it gonna isolate the individual to a point where the organic senses of sight, taste, hearing and love, all of that stuff, is that all just gonna be digitalised?” he expressed.
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Sunday, 13. April 2014