Lea Michele 'helps Zac'

Lea Michele is reportedly begging Zac Efron to get professional help.

Lea Michele is reportedly trying to help Zac Efron.

The Glee actress is friends with the 26-year-old hunk, who hit the headlines last month following reports he got into a fight with homeless people in the dubious Los Angeles neighbourhood Skid Row. He claimed he got stuck there with his bodyguard after their car ran out of petrol.

As the actor reportedly completed two rehab stints last year, sources spoke of their concern about the incident, which came after Zac slipped in a puddle and broke his jaw last year.

“Lea’s been friends with Zac since last year – they met through mutual friends after he came out of rehab for the second time and ditched a lot of the people he used to hang with pre-rehab – and now, she’s really worried about him,” an insider told British magazine Heat.

Lea found herself at the centre of gossip last year after her Glee co-star and off-screen boyfriend Cory Monteith died of an accidental heroin and alcohol overdose. He had sought rehab help in the past for substance abuse, but was thought to be clean. The incident left Lea crushed, and while she is now getting her life back on track, she is determined to help others with issues.

“After Lea heard about the Skid Row fight, she called [Zac’s] parents and younger brother [Dylan, 21] to stage an intervention,” the source claimed. “She’s begging him to get help, warning him that she saw how Cory’s death came out of nowhere, and if this is a relapse he needs to get back to rehab.”

It’s claimed Zac is yet to agree to the calls for him to get help.

He has never confirmed his past rehab stints or discussed what he sought help for. Recently it was claimed he may not have had in-patient care and instead been treated with counselling at a friend’s home.
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Saturday, 12. April 2014