KStew ‘blown away by birthday charity’

Kristen Stewart is amazed at how charitable her fans are after they raised thousands for Alzheimer’s research in her honour.

Kristen Stewart is reportedly “blown away” by her charitable gift from fans.

The Camp X-Ray actress turned 24 years old on April 9, and in honour of her birthday, devotees bestowed her with a wonderful surprise present.

It is well known Alzheimer’s awareness is an issue dear to Kristen’s heart and in just a few weeks her followers managed to raise a sizable donation for medical charities.

“Kristen is absolutely blown away by the support and generosity of her fans. So far, they have raised over $20,000 for Alzheimer’s research. This was by far her favourite birthday gift,” source told Hollywood Life.

In forthcoming drama Still Alice, Kristen portrays the teenage daughter of Julianne Moore’s character, who is suffering from the first stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

As she learned more about the incurable degenerative illness while filming, Kristen supposedly gave her word to doing whatever in she could to call attention to the condition.

“She learned so much about Alzheimer’s working on Still Alice and is overwhelmed that so many of her fans are contributing to the foundation (Cure Alzheimer’s Fund),” the insider said. “She wants to do more to help raise awareness, especially with the younger generation.”

It is believed Kristen is celebrating her birthday with close friends this weekend at Coachella Music and Arts Festival.

Apparently she has asked former flame Robert Pattinson to join her, but he may not be able to attend.

“She wants Rob to come as well,” a source said previously.

“We are still going to Coachella, it’s our annual thing. If she decides to stay put [in New Orleans], Kristen says she’ll go to the French Quarter Festival which is also this weekend. As long as music is involved, she will be happy.”
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Friday, 11. April 2014