Garner: Affleck needs work

Jennifer Garner says Ben Affleck "stick his nose in" everything when he's at home.

Jennifer Garner has joked she’s “relieved” when Ben Affleck goes to work.

The Hollywood actress has children Violet, eight, Seraphina, five, and two-year-old Samuel with her husband Ben. While she loves her family, Jennifer has quipped it can be good to have her other half out from under her feet.

“When Ben’s not working, he sticks his nose in everything,” she laughed to German magazine TV Movie. “He decorates, moves things around, gets new things… I’m always relieved when he goes back to work!”

Jennifer appeared in Dallas Buyers Club recently, which saw both its stars Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey pick up an Oscar. She’s currently working on sports drama Draft Day and admits it’s also good for her to keep busy with film projects.

“For me, acting is an escape,” the 41-year-old admitted. “If I was always at home, I wouldn’t be doing my family any favours!”

Ben, 41, is also keeping busy and will take on the role of sexy superhero Batman in Batman vs. Superman, which is due for release in 2016. The costume is a plus for Jennifer, who admits he looks “damn good” in his suit.

They might be leading glamorous lives on screen and at industry events, but at home both of them have their own very normal roles.

“When it comes to money, I make the decisions. Ben doesn’t have a clue,” Jennifer revealed. “He’s the class clown. He’s always thinking of new things to do with our kids.”

Jennifer also recently revealed that planning their A-list lives is actually very mundane.

“Everything that comes my way – the first thing we do is talk schedule, location.

“I sit down with a calendar with my husband and in a very boring way, detail every single week… and what’s possible and if it can work out or not,” she said.
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Friday, 11. April 2014