Kelly O snubs gossips

Kelly Osbourne can tell she’s “doing well” by how many rumours about her are circulating.

Kelly Osbourne believes rumours reflect her success.

The 29-year-old Fashion Police star recently laughed off gossip she had attended “fat camp” in a bid to lose weight.

But Kelly insists finding humour in harsh criticism isn’t just a defence mechanism. She appears to believe the number of people talking about her reflects her success.

“You know you’re doing well when someone’s trying to make stuff up about you,” she told Access Hollywood.

“It’s the funniest thing ever,” she mused, noting she prefers to tackle outrageous claims head-on.

“I’ve always confronted the rumours head on when they’re made up like that, but that one particularly just really made me giggle. Like whenever I’ve wanted to cancel something I’m like, ‘Oh sorry, I’m busy in fat rehab. I can’t go…?’ It’s just the stupidest thing ever!” she exclaimed.

Kelly’s comments came just days after she set the record straight on Twitter, dismissing gossip claiming she put herself through rehab in a bid to drop weight after splitting from fiancé Matthew Mosshart earlier this year.

“whom ever started the rumor that I’m in “fat rehab” what exactly is “fat rehab” is it a 12 step program if so what might they be? #SoFunny! (sic)," she asked her three million-plus followers.

Kelly meanwhile appears focused on her career.

In addition to Fashion Police, the star is serving as a spokeswoman for Wheat Thins Popped, and is also working on her new women’s clothing line, which she says will include plus-sizes for curvy girls like herself.

“I will not sell in any store if they don’t take the full size range… because let’s face it, not everyone’s a size 0 and I think the average size in America is between 14 and 18, and that’s not fair,” she lamented.

“They deserve high fashion as well. I’ve done it in a very cost effective way and there’s a great story behind it,” Kelly noted.

The TV personality couldn’t spill many more details but shared of her ultimate goal: “I’m trying to show the fashion world that it’s not one kind of woman you design for, it’s every kind of woman.”
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Friday, 11. April 2014