Gwyneth still wearing wedding ring?

Gwyneth Paltrow posted a happy birthday message to her son on Tuesday, and in the Twitter image she is wearing marital band on her ring finger.

Gwyneth Paltrow has sparked speculation she may still be wearing her wedding band.

The 41-year-old Thanks for Sharing actress announced last month she and husband Chris Martin are separating after ten years of marriage.

The Hollywood couple share two young children together, and while Gwyneth wished her son happy birthday on Twitter Tuesday, she attached an image of herself hugging the little boy with a wedding band on her left ring finger.

“Moses Bruce Paltrow Martin turns 8 today. We love you!” she wrote in the post.

The person or persons referred to when Gwyneth said “we” remains a mystery, but it appears as if she may have been alluding to her estranged husband, Coldplay musician Chris.

It is unknown whether the photo was taken before or after their recent split.

Gwyneth and Chris announced their separation on the actress’s lifestyle website Goop, calling it a “conscious uncoupling”.

Around the time they told the world their union was over, the former couple took a vacation in the Bahamas with their two children.

Gwyneth recently revealed she is doing everything possible to console her eldest daughter, Apple.

“Apple is nine and already she’s starting to pick up on certain things from friends who are going on the internet and getting exposed to things you’d rather not have your children deal with at this age,” she sighed to the British edition of OK! magazine. “But she has an incredible brain and she’s already asking me lots of big questions about the universe. I try to explain to her that there are things on the internet which are upsetting to grownups too, and that she’s not ready to be dealing with everything you can find on the internet. It’s not safe for children. So I ask her to come to me with her questions.”
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Wednesday, 09. April 2014