Olivia Wilde’s ‘old age kicks’

Olivia Wilde has shared her thoughts on what it feels like growing older.

Olivia Wilde thinks the way she “gets her kicks” is reflective of her maturation process.

The 30-year-old Her actress is currently expecting her first child with comedian fiancé Jason Sudeikis.

The star celebrated her birthday on March 10, and Olivia admits being in her thirties provides an entirely new perspective on life.

“I get my kicks by almost missing trains. Is this old age?” she mused on Twitter.

Olivia is due to give birth just weeks from now on May 4.

But when her baby arrives, the stunning actress refuses to speak to the tot or anyone else in an abnormal manner.

“I absolutely draw the line at adults referring to peeing as ‘going pee pee’. No. Just, no. Get out. You’re fired. #stopthebabytalk,” she tweeted.

Olivia confesses she has been thinking of nothing but her child recently.

The prospect of becoming a mother in a month’s time has left her unable to focus on much of anything else.

“Baby brain is real. I should not be permitted to operate heavy equipment including iPhones,” she joked.

Apparently Olivia’s future husband, We’re the Millers star Jason, was a hardcore partier in the past.

But it is claimed their romance has transformed his bad habits for good.

“Olivia is obsessively anti-drug, and Jason has had to leave behind a lot of his old party pals and drinking buddies since he’s been with her. This is a pretty sensitive issue for her,” an insider informed Radar Online previously.

“Olivia and Jason live an extremely clean life and try to get away from their respective past demons in the process. They’re going to make great parents.”

Jason and Olivia became engaged in 2013 after 14 months of dating.
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Monday, 07. April 2014