Michael Cera talks weird fans

Michael Cera can vividly remember the weirdest fan encounter he's ever had.

Michael Cera was one “sexually propositioned” by a woman with “smoke creeping out of her mouth”.

The Superbad actor took a long time to get used to being recognised in the street and is pleased that for the most part his fans are relaxed. He does get the occasional wacky person approaching him though, with one in particular sticking in his mind.

“I had this one woman who was completely crazy. I’d just got out of seeing a movie with friends and this woman recognised me. I think she’d been smoking something strange because she grabbed me, got right in my face and sexually propositioned me,” he laughed to British magazine Company. “She had this craziness in her eyes and smoke creeping out of her mouth. I had no clue how to react other than laugh.”

Although the 25-year-old star understands chatting to admirers is part of his job, he likes to keep his personal life private for the most part. He doesn’t use social media and has tried to explain why he holds something back a lot of the time.

“I think it’s a personality thing. I know a few people who are just so good at it, like Jack Black. But I had a strange reaction to attention because I was a kid and I wasn’t really used to it,” he said. “Plus, I was in a relationship, which changed and was strained by it – that was probably why I reacted like that. But I’ve wrapped my head around what it means to me now, so it’s a little simpler.”
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Sunday, 06. April 2014