Rob and Lamar 'reconnect'

Rob Kardashian and Lamar Odom are apparently working on their friendship.

Rob Kardashian and Lamar Odom are reportedly reconnecting.

Sock designer Rob became close friends with the basketball star after he married his sister Khloé and even lived the couple. However, their relationship changed after Lamar and Khloé split last year. She filed for divorce but it’s understood the former couple are back on speaking terms now, paving the way for Rob and Lamar to become friends again.

“It was extremely hard for Rob when Lamar and Khloé split, because first and foremost, he hated what it did to Khloé,” an insider told RadarOnline, “The split also essentially had ended Rob and Lamar’s relationship… they called each other brother, and meant it. There was a lot of love there.”

Khloé and Lamar broke up last year amidst claims he was unfaithful and abusing drugs, although neither of them have directly discussed the rumours. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has only spoken of how hard the situation has been for her, with Rob seen offering her some support on the family’s reality show.

He has also been going through a tough time after piling on weight following the end of his relationship with Rita Ora. Rob has been honest about how much he dislikes his larger body on the reality show and his fear of showing it is apparently why he decided against going on the family’s recent holiday to Thailand.

It’s hoped that having Lamar back in his life might help Rob start feeling more positive.

“Lamar asked [Khloé] if it was OK if he reached out to Rob, and of course, she said yes,” the source explained. “No matter what happens with them in the future as a couple, Khloé wants her brother and Lamar to maintain their friendship.

“If there is anyone that can help Rob it’s Lamar.”

The basketball star apparently invited Rob to New York so they could hang out, but he decided against the trip. Instead they will reportedly reconnect when the sportsman is in Los Angeles.
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Thursday, 03. April 2014