Kings of Leon: We want naked fans

Kings of Leon admit they don't see enough bare skin at their shows.

Kings of Leon would like to see “a little nudity” at their shows.

The band may have had one of their biggest hits with the raunchy Sex on Fire, but as all four members are now happily married, they feel they run the risk of being “boring”. However, they think their gigs could be spiced up a little bit with some nakedness.

“We are all married, all very faithful and kinda boring now, so it wouldn’t hurt to see a little nudity at a concert, but it never happens!” bass player Jared Followill revealed to Q magazine.

“We’re up there pouring our hearts out and if someone wants to show us a little skin, then that will only add a little variety to our show,” lead singer Caleb Followill added.

While the band have been unsuccessful in spotting any female fan flesh, they did have a male streaker inflicted upon them at a performance last year.

The band were playing in Birmingham, England, when the man appeared and was quickly dubbed “sausage man” by them on Twitter.

“I think that was the last nudity, the Birmingham sausage,” mused Jared, 27. “It did spice up the show a little bit.”

Caleb, 32, who is married to Victoria’s Secret model Lily Aldridge, added that “sausage man” hadn’t scarred them for life. They are still more than happy to embrace some bare flesh.

“So anyone out there [who wants to show some skin], preferably of the female variety… but if anyone wants to hang a little d**g, we’ll look into that too,” he laughed.
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Wednesday, 02. April 2014