Brown’s love message ‘caught Tran off guard’

Chris Brown’s call from jail Monday reportedly made his rumoured girlfriend Karreuche Tran cry.

Chris Brown reportedly left Karreuche Tran “crying” after his surprise phone call.

The 24-year-old Look At Me Now singer is currently sitting in jail, and his rumoured girlfriend Karreuche shared a heartfelt voicemail he left her with the world via her Instagram account Monday.

During the message, Chris told Karreuche unequivocally that he loves her, and his declaration supposedly moved her to tears.

“She wasn’t trying to be all ‘look at me’ by posting the video. It was Chris’ idea. All Chris. He wanted that,” an insider told Hollywood Life.

“He wanted to give a direct shout-out to his friends and he surprised Kae by saying he loves her. That was beyond her wildest expectations. She wasn’t expecting that and it caught her off guard and yes, she was crying then when he said that. It made her night.”

Karreuche has been a pillar of support for Chris in the wake of his ongoing legal problems.

And apparently all the model wants to do is ensure his needs are met.

“He doesn’t have a voice. He’s locked up, and posting that video was the least Kae could do for him,” the source said.

“It made his day that he was able to reach his fans from inside jail. It was something so small that she did but it was HUGE for him. It made him feel special and put a smile on his face. Even though she couldn’t see him smile, she could feel it. She could hear his voice and how upbeat it was. She knows her man.”

Chris gave thanks to everyone he could during his voicemail.

“Thank y’all for the support. Thank you for everything. You know, the Loyal video came out so I hope y’all enjoy that,” he said to fans.

“And most importantly, K…Karrueche, I love you. So thank you.”
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Wednesday, 02. April 2014