Siva: The Wanted ruined by TV show

Siva Kaneswaran: The Wanted became “every man for himself” after reality show.

Siva Kaneswaran believes The Wanted became “every man for himself” after doing reality show The Wanted Life.

The show was meant to help launch the band in the US, and help propel them to stardom.

But Siva believes agreeing to the programme was a big mistake.

“Do I regret doing it? Oh my God yes! Everyone showed their true colours in that show,” he told UK newspaper The Mirror. “That’s where the team element was shaken. It wasn’t the Wanted team anymore. Everyone was thinking of themselves. It doesn’t matter how close you are to someone, it’s amazing what people can do to get you agitated.”

Siva didn’t like the way cracks in the band’s relationship became storylines for the show, especially after his fiancée Nareesha moved into their Los Angeles home.

“We got stereotyped as the boring couple, but we were staying up as late as everyone else every night. She was stitched up, big time, and I felt responsible. Afterwards, I was really upset. I never wanted anything out of it for myself. I was in it for the team, for the band.”

The band ended up breaking up in January 2014. Max George and Nathan Sykes were the only members of the group to remain with manager Scooter Braun.

“We’ve all agreed to move forward for the good of things,” Siva said. “We all spoke and said: ‘Let’s just get on with it.’ We came to a consensus together to push forward and get our heads down, and focus on the music. Time is a great healer. We’re in a reflection period. We got really nostalgic. While we were on a break, we were been in touch a lot more.”
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Tuesday, 01. April 2014