Haim cut out b***hes

Este Haim has cut out all "toxic people" from her life.

Este Haim has called on women to stop putting up with “punk ass b***hery”.

The 28-year-old singer makes up one quarter of the band Haim along with her sisters Danielle, 25, and 22-year-old Alana, with Dash Hutton joining on drums. She has discussed the rules she has imposed on her life, citing the refusal to put up with mean people as top of the list.

“Don’t put up with punk ass b***hes. My whole life I’ve had to deal with punk ass b***hery and I don’t put up with it anymore,” she told Q magazine. “It’s not gender specific: if a girl or a boy is bringing down your vibe, a toxic person who isn’t making you feel good, cut them out straight away. No regrets, no remorse, never look back. I have amazing friends I can count on two hands. Quality, not quantity. Keep it clean, streamlined.”

Alana also divulged some of her best tips, explaining she worries when people don’t stay in touch with their family. As she and her sisters spend a lot of time on the road following the success of their 2013 album Days Are Gone, it would be easy for them to forget to phone home. However, Alana makes sure she is in touch with her parents all the time as she views them as the reason she and her siblings have made it big.

“We owe our parents everything. They introduced us to music, gave us our first instruments, wanted us to become a band. So I always call my parents to let them know I’m still alive and OK on the road. I miss them lots, I do, it’s dorky to say it but I really do. There’s times when you just miss your mom,” she said.

When they were little, the girls were in a band with their parents Donna and Moti called Rockinhaim, after their mom dreamt about them playing together. The group eventually morphed into Haim as it is now, but shows just how supportive the stars’ mother and father were.

“Our dad would be like, ‘Do you have homework? OK then, let’s go jam in the living room,’” Alana previously told British newspaper The Guardian.
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Monday, 31. March 2014