Kim 'worried Khloé outshines her'

Kim Kardashian is reportedly seeking attention after fearing that her younger sister Khloé is "dethroning" her.

Kim Kardashian apparently took a recent bikini selfie to outshine her sister Khloé.

The reality TV star is currently planning her wedding to Kanye West and is constantly garnering headlines with her style choices.

During a recent trip to Miami, Kim, 33, headed out onto the balcony of the Versace mansion she was staying at to say hello to fans.

The onlookers promptly started chanting Khloé’s name, until the 29-year-old stuck her hand out to wave.

Later, Kim posted a snap of herself online, wearing her 16-year-old half-sister Kylie Jenner’s bikini.

“Kim is used to being the Kardashian sister everyone knows and adores, so she’s feeling like Khloé is dethroning her,” a source revealed to British magazine Star.

“It didn’t help that the crowd in Miami seemed to only care about Khloé, not Kim. The selfie Kim took in Kylie’s bikini was a classic stunt to shift the limelight back to her and her body again.”

The brunette’s curvaceous figure is often the source of both positive and negative headlines and she was criticised for her maternity fashion while pregnant with baby girl North, who was born last June.

Khloé has also had eyes on her figure since losing weight and showing off a trim physique.

She’s enjoyed some solo ventures alongside her design work with sisters Kim and Kourtney.

She co-hosted the second season of The X Factor US last year, where her fun personality went down well with viewers.
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Saturday, 29. March 2014