Bloom ‘wants to instill hope in son’

Orlando Bloom has spoken about the primary values he wants to impart to the son he shares with supermodel Miranda Kerr.

Orlando Bloom wants his son to know that “living your dream” is possible.

The 37-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean actor attended We Day California, an event which is aimed to inspire youth who are active in contributing to society.

Being with so many wonderful young persons got Orlando thinking about what values he desires to instill in his child Flynn, the three-year-old son he shares with supermodel Miranda Kerr.

“I can only hope I always instill him with all of the ideas of living your dream, of actually understanding that life is a cyclical thing and that when you give you receive,” he told E! News. “It’s a very karmic thing in my mind… when I grew up, it’s a very… if you give you receive. It’s almost like science, it’s like if you throw something up in the air, it’s gonna come down. Well, the way that you give is the way that you’ll receive. So I hope to inspire him with that if nothing else.”

Orlando felt privileged to attend We Day, as he believes what the event promotes has a ripple effect in society.

“I think that that idea of giving them the gift of We Day in appreciation of the service that they’ve given to their communities and to themselves to forward the world is a no-brainer,” he said.

“To captivate the imagination and to harness the vision of youth for a positive change in the world to me feels like the future. It has to be.”
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Friday, 28. March 2014