Chris Evans ‘addicted to soccer tennis’

Chris Evans has developed a mild obsession for an esoteric sport named soccer tennis.

Chris Evans finds soccer tennis “addicting”.

The 32-year-old Captain America: The Winter Soldier star confesses he is spending a lot of time playing this unique and obscure game.

Chris explained the activity combines three sports in one, which makes it especially fun.

“There’s a big game I play with my buddies called soccer tennis,” he told People magazine.

“It’s on a tennis court with a soccer ball but essentially the concept of volleyball, and you can only use your feet. It’s very addicting.”

Chris is from Massachusetts but he currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

And he doesn’t take the warm, desert nights for granted, as he always makes time to observe nature.

“I watch [the sunset] in L.A. almost every day at my house,” Chris shared.

“Last time I saw the sun rise, it was not from waking up but probably from being up way too late! I take the time to watch; you have to. That’s where you unplug, decompress and recharge.”

But the Hollywood hunk confesses he is often struggling to find his sunglasses before staring at the sky, as he can’t seem to keep track of spectacles.

“Oh man. My sunglasses [were the last thing I misplaced],” Chris admitted.

“Most things I’m pretty good with, and my phone doesn’t leave my side. But my sunglasses, I’ll find them in, like, the refrigerator. I wish I had a tape of when my hand just chooses to let go of them. My brain just decides to open my hand randomly and says, ‘You will never find these later.’”
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Friday, 28. March 2014