Cavallari’s baby fears

Kristin Cavallari shares concerns for second child.

Kristin Cavallari is worried her first son will feel “replaced” after she gives birth.

The former The Hills star is pregnant with her second child with husband Jay Cutler.

And while she says 19-month-old Camden is as sweet as can be, she’s anticipating a few bumps in the road.

“We try to tell him there’s a baby inside Mommy’s belly. He doesn’t really understand that,” she told People magazine. “We’ll be like, ‘Camden, do you want to be a big brother?’ and he’ll shake his head no.”

“I’m nervous,” she added. “I don’t want him to feel like he’s being replaced. I know the first few months are going to be hard when I’m breastfeeding all the time. We’re just going to try to be so careful to make sure he’s still getting a lot of attention, knows he’s still extremely loved and this baby is in no way taking his spot.”

Kristin is hopeful little Camden will soon get over his fears. The reality star said he couldn’t be more gentle with other children.

“He’s really a sweet little boy,” she said. “When I have play dates, he’s really more interested in the babies than the older boys and girls. Any time a baby comes over, he’s really concerned about the baby and wants to hug it and give it kisses.”

Fortunately, Kristin has the help of her American football star husband.

The reality TV personality gushed about how great of a father Jay is to their little boy.

“He’s such an amazing dad,” she said. “I honestly couldn’t ask for a better dad. He’s really sweet with Camden. He plays with him all the time. He’s on the floor with him rolling around and goofing off.”

The soon-to-be mother-of-two is ready to welcome their second, however.

“The first time, you’re anxious, you’re nervous, you’re excited, you have so many emotions. It’s like the closer you get to your due date, you’re ready but you’re also not quite ready, so you don’t mind if the baby stays in there,” she said.

“But this one, I’m like, ‘Let’s get him out here, I want to see him, I just want to hold him and see what he looks like.’ I’m just really excited more than anything.”
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Thursday, 27. March 2014