Kings of Leon talk fighting

Kings of Leon have joked that their fights are nowhere near as extreme as many people think.

Kings of Leon’s fights usually involve a lot of “backhand slapping, spitting and kidney shots”.

The rock band is comprised of brothers Nathan, Caleb and Jared Followill and their cousin Matthew. They are famous for their fiery temperaments and in 2011 Jared wrote about their “internal problems” on Twitter.

The rockers now insist they have mellowed, claiming many of their disagreements have been blown out of all proportion anyway.

“I don’t think we’ve ever had a fight good enough to judge it. Any time there’s ever been a fight there’s a lot of backhand slapping, spitting…” Caleb told Q magazine, when asked which of them is the most “handy”.

Nathan interjected: “A lot of back punching. As brothers there’s the rule: nothing above the neck, so we’ve stuck to a brotherly code of good kidney shots, smacks on the back of the head.”

“A lot of people think we’re these big fighters but in the past a lot of the time we were fighting like pu*sies. We weren’t really ducking it out,” Caleb added.

The group were also quizzed on their standing with other bands. Asked whether they would win in a battle against The Killers, Matthew was quick to respond.

“You could name any brand and I’d say we were going to win because we’re confident in our fighting…” he laughed.

Nathan was less positive about the question. He took some time to think about it, then deduced that The Killers’ drummer might pose them a few problems.

“I don’t know, you take Ronnie Vannucci out of the picture and we would have a good chance of it. He’s pretty solid,” he mused.

Caleb queried: “What if two of us took on Ronnie? The others could handle the other three…”

Nathan, Caleb and Jared had a religious upbringing as their father was a preacher. Their lyrics are known for being racy, with one of their biggest hits Sex on Fire. They were asked whether their loved ones minded their close-to-the-knuckle tracks, with Nathan quick to respond.

“They just prayed for us,” he said.

Caleb added: “It took them a while. My mum loved Taper Jean Girl for years, then one day she walked in and smacked me. ‘Are you saying the C-word?’ ‘Yeah, I’ve been saying it at every show for years.’ Now I find it kinda hard. I can say stuff that’s kind of dirty but I try to make it more hidden than I did back then. I don’t really like to hear someone who is forcing profanity. If it’s cool, that’s one thing but if you hear someone saying a curse word out of the blue it’s just trying.”
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Thursday, 27. March 2014