Mel B on Spice closeness

Mel B says all the Spice Girls have "different relationships" with one another.

Mel B is “kind of” close to her fellow Spice Girls.

The singer rose to fame alongside Victoria Beckham, Mel C, Emma Bunton and Geri Halliwell with hits such as Wannabe in the ’90s.

Despite a few reunions along the way, the girls have all gone their separate ways, but Mel does her best to stay in touch with the others.

“I’m kind of close to all of them,” she mused to the British edition of OK! magazine.

“We all have different relationships, but we’ve been together for 20-odd years, so it’s a long time.”

The 38-year-old star is currently acting as a judge on America’s Got Talent.

Her experience as a singer can be a welcome tool when assessing the performance of others.

“Yes, but it was all so different back then,” she explained.

“We did it all ourselves for quite some time. These days you can do it with a manager and they kind of own you, or you can have the freedom of going through YouTube or social media to get heard. We never had that back then. We also did it differently as in we weren’t signed to anybody – we were in it for ourselves and then we found Simon Fuller and he managed us. But we’d already recorded quite a bit by then so we were kind of self-sufficient.”

Mel is still releasing music and she’s also a busy mom to her two kids from previous relationships, Phoenix, 15, and Angel, six, and her daughter with current husband Stephen Belafonte, two-year-old Madison.

The little ones are already showing signs that they could also be destined for a life in the limelight.

“My eldest is really into basketball,” she smiled.

“She just made the school team and was the youngest one to make it. My six year old likes to dress up like a princess and dance around the house to Disney songs – and my two year old follows whatever my six year old does!”
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Sunday, 23. March 2014