Khloé 'wants to set up Cheryl and Drake'

Khloé Kardashian reportedly thinks Cheryl Cole would be a better match for Drake than Rihanna is.

Khloé Kardashian reportedly wants to set up Cheryl Cole with Drake.

The two women have become firm friends over the last few weeks, posting gushy messages online about how much they mean to each other.

Cheryl is known to be enamoured with Drake, which thrilled Khloé when she heard.

“When she realised that Cheryl fancied Drake, she texted Cheryl telling her that she was going to FaceTime him right there and then and set up a date,” an insider laughed to British magazine Heat. “Cheryl wouldn’t let her – but she agreed that Khloé could get her on the list for one of his UK gigs next week.”

However, it seems Khloé’s matchmaking attempts might fall on deaf ears as Drake is thought to have reunited with his ex-girlfriend Rihanna. The pair have been virtually inseparable since she joined him on his European tour, with claims he has already asked her to move in with him. They briefly dated in the past, although Rihanna ended up back with her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. This time around she’s thought to be determined to make things work after realising how well Drake treats her.

Despite this, Khloé is determined he is better matched to Cheryl.

“She thinks Drake is way too good for her and shouldn’t be wasting his time. She doesn’t take their relationship seriously,” the insider said.

Cheryl has been open about her admiration for the US rapper in the past, hinting she’d like to get together with him.

“I’d like to collaborate with Drake in every sense,” she previously laughed. “I’ve gone all hot. What do you think I mean? I like his music… that’s what I mean.”

Last year it was claimed Cheryl had asked Khloé’s sister Kim to set her up with Drake, after the women got to know each other at one of Kim’s fiancé Kanye West’s shows.

“Drake’s a family friend of the Kardashians so she was more than happy to oblige,” a source told British magazine Grazia at the time.
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Sunday, 23. March 2014